1.  The challenge for me at this time of my life is living comfortably with the joint aches and stiffness of an auto immune disorder.  Brenda was recommended to me by my chiropractor who said, “I don’t know what she does but its absolutely wonderful.”  How right he was!  She “feels” with her psyche and her hands what my body needs at that given time and proceeds to work her “MAGIC!!!!”  I leave her sanctuary with the “wet noodle” syndrome and am feeling wonderful until my next visit.  I have been going to Brenda for over a year now and am relatively pain free, much more flexible and look forward to my monthly visits.

Barbara Nilen

Arroyo Grande


2.  Brenda’s style of bodywork is, by far,  the most unique of all I have encountered in the past twenty years.  She quickly glides around the table asking your body/spirit what it needs, then gives it to you.  She combines gentle touch, focused breathing, audible tones, soft friction, and hot rocks to get your body to give up what it doesn’t need in exchange for opening to its own natural healing energy.  Brenda’s work is helping my body let go of some really old “body memories” that have prevented me from being truly emotionally intimate with myself and others.  It is well worth the cost.

Julie Fromme

Pismo Beach


3.  I am truly pleased to know that a person with Brenda’s talent as an intuitive healer is present here on the Central Coast.  People with her abilities are few and far between, and are scattered throughout the world.  I received great pleasure working with her at a Natural Balance Wellness Center.  I especially enjoy referring people to her and seeing such amazing results.  I realize the process of healing can be challenging at times, for some people.  It is a life altering experience.  It takes time and commitment; but, in my opinion, is well worth the effort.  Brenda is a fantastic guide to the process of wellness!

My greatest pleasure was when I referred my mother, who was visiting from Iowa, to her.  She was amazed with Brenda’s talent to heal.  My Mother had been experiencing pain in her knee for quite some time.  After her visit with Brenda, the pain was gone!  This was no small accomplishment.   My mother is a Physical Therapist, and had tried many different treatments to relieve the pain in her knee.  Nothing seemed to work for her until she saw Brenda!  In fact, with all the activities I planned with her on her visit, the time she spent with Brenda was the highlight of her trip!  I was delighted to have referred her.  I am thankful Brenda is here.

Karla Tisherman

Pismo Beach


4.  I am a fellow body worker, who has been practicing for 19 years, and I love and appreciate Brenda and her unique style of  therapy for several reasons:

1.  Every session is very unique to what I am going through; no two sessions have ever been the same.

2.  Brenda is perceptive to subtle energies, and she can assist with balancing and restoring my chakras.  After a session with Brenda, I always feel lighter, with more clarity and feel an expansiveconsciousness.

3.  Brenda is an experienced professional and understands my need to receive as part of the healing experience.

4.  Brenda has strong connection to spirit.  I can feel the healing energy work through her, as if she is taking cues from a higher order.

5.  Her  work stays with me.  I feel a lasting effect for weeks.  I believe regular sessions build on each other.

I highly recommend Brenda to anyone with health problems, stress or is just working towards a conscious lifestyle.

Barbara Poulsen, CMT

Massage Therapist


5.  I was referred to Brenda by a friend who raved about her work after spending two sessions with her.  My condition involves complications from frozen shoulder and an encased nerve in my scapula.  I had been experiencing a lot of pain for over a year and was to the point where I could not move any part of my arm, hand or fingers without great discomfort.  I was unable to paint (my passion), garden, cook or do any housework.  I experienced some relief after the first session with Brenda, and then enormous relief following the second session.  I am now getting back into my routine with very little discomfort.  I continue to see Brenda every 2-3 weeks to maintain a healthy shoulder.

I am so grateful to have been introduced to her.  It has made a huge difference in my daily activities.

Brenda is a caring professional, and I highly recommend her service and expertise.

Marilyn Bowsfield



6.  My first visit to Brenda was at the recommendation of a friend.  I have now seen her over 4 years.  Brenda has been my sole bodywork therapist.   I have gone to see her every month or so when on the Central Coast.  She brings on healing and balance, getting my body back on track.  I have had several surgical recuperation’s which I feel were greatly enhanced by Brenda’s soothing ministrations.  Over time, she gently promotes harmony in the body; warmth, and a place to feel calmed and loved.  I would highly recommend Brenda to anyone.  If you allow her to work with you and let her do what she is called to do for you, it will make you feel better.  An appointment with Brenda is saying “I love myself.”  I always feel better after our time together.

Jan Lacy Weston

Orange County


7.  I find Brenda to be very intuitive.  She finds ways to release tensions in my body.  She does extensive releasing of energy blocks and stress.   I basically surrender my body to her, and allow her to coax out the negative, and replace it with positive.  The experience is as much spiritual as it is physical.  I’ve gone to Brenda for over 4 years on a monthly basis.  I go for my general health and stress detoxification.  I would recommend her to anyone!

Jim Eckley

Orange County


8.  Brenda has helped me immensely.  My name is Tito Ruiz, and I am six feet, five inches tall.  I mention my height because it is relevant to my story.  When I went to my first appointment with Brenda at the Healing Works, I was a slouching, self-conscious young man with a viscous back problem.  Brenda Keeney knew exactly what direction to take.  Through her work, I began to lose the pain in my back.  I also began to walk tall!  I felt proud to be tall.  Plus, no slouching is a great way to rid yourself of some back pain.  Brenda is responsible for my new found confidence.

I love the work she does with stones.  The power of the stones is unexplainable.  But the real healing comes from Brenda Keeney.  Without her energy moving through the body, I wouldn’t be where I am today:  A confident man who walks head up, shoulders relaxed and back straight.  The Healing does Work!

Tito Ruiz

Santa Maria


9.  I am a Holistic Nurse Counselor.  I come to Brenda for integrative healing.  I can allow my own healing process to occur with her loving hands supporting me in a safe healing environment.  Through my healing work with her, I can access my own healing energy in a much deeper way.  I can sense the powerful healing, love, and safety coming through her hands.

She has helped give me hope and faith that I truly can heal myself, in my own time.

Linda Sleeter


10.  With Brenda’s treatment, my neck, shoulders, and hips were more free than they had been in years.  She brought me closer to my spirit than maybe I have ever been.!

I wanted to come and listen to the talk that she gave, but my husband and I were going on a trip, and wouldn’t be back in time.  Next time she speaks, I hope to be there.

Ruth Turner


11.  I was visiting my daughter last October in San Luis Obispo.  She treated me to a session with Brenda.  This was by far the most relaxing two hours I have ever experienced!  I am a Physical Therapist, and have attended seminars given by John Barnes, a world renown Guru on myofascial release techniques, and muscle energy.  Brenda has the ability to provide an energy that few professionals have achieved.  She is a Gem among the hot rocks!

Marilyn Feye



12.   I love Brenda’s bodywork.  The gentleness, nurturing, inner guided wisdom allows the body to surrender to a place of alignment and healing.

The words:  sacred, peaceful and relaxed are how I would describe a session.

Sherri Sorro, CMT



13.  I was introduced to Brenda and her work by my physician.  I had been suffering from lower back, leg, and shoulder pain, along with major bouts of depression for a long time.  She is a warm and caring person with and incredibly gentle touch.  While lying on her table I feel transported to a state of total relaxation and well being.  My pain has been eased, and my spirits lifted.  She has also taught me to help myself through diet, meditation, and energy work.  Thanks to her, I’m enjoying my life again.

Deena Richmond

Los Osos


14.  Brenda’s work is essentially the redistribution of vital energy coursing through the body – strengthening what is deficient, draining off what is excess, and moving what is stagnant.  What makes her work so remarkable is that she graciously steps out of the way and allows Spirit to guide her hands.  My personal experience with Brenda’s work has opened up a realm of possibilities I had long forgotten, bringing with it a deeper understanding and respect for the innate healing power available to us all.

Shelly Boronda, Licensed Acupuncturist/Herbalist



15.  Cathy Giumuni, my physical therapist, recommended I see Brenda Keeney for hip pain.  I had been diagnosed with an autoimmmune disorder (CIDP – chronic inflammatory demylinating polyneuropathy) at the Cleveland Clinic two weeks before I came in to see Brenda.  I was having such hip pain in both hips, I couldn’t get up from a sitting position without help, and had to crawl up the stairs the night before.  She worked on me for 2 hours.  When the session was finished, I hopped from the table with no pain at all.  I walked around timidly all day, thinking the pain might return.  It didn’t.  This woman is a true healer.  Now, I’m painting outside again, and soon may be able to golf and have my life back.  What a blessing she is!

C. J. Michelson

Arroyo Grande


16.  Brenda Keeney is one of those people who possess exceptional gifts.  The gift is not only in her hands, but in the guidance she receives while using her hands to heal.  Her gift is in the way she has woven together a concept that incorporates all the layers of health… and illness… mind, body, soul… into a journey for healing she calls “undoing.”  Her theory led me to the addition of relaxation and imagery exercises focused on “undoing” certain events in my life as an adjunct to the work she was doing with me.  She could better explain exactly what happened, but (after seeing Brenda and doing these exercises for a very short time) one afternoon the chronic pain and fatigue I’d had for nearly a decade was “suddenly” gone….  My muscles were relaxed, my thoughts were clear, and most astonishingly, I had no pain or fatigue at all.  For the first time since the onset of the condition all those years earlier, I could move and think with comfort and ease.

There is , for me, something magical… something that transcends the usual in Brenda’s work.  She is safe, skilled, and intuitive.  I cannot believe anyone, with health issues or not, would leave after even one session with her , and not feel something in them was different, some shift in their mind, body or spirit.  I am so grateful my daughter recommended her to me, so very, very grateful.

Karen Israel



17.   I have been to Brenda twice.  The first time I went, I had amazing results for some habitual problems.  Then my Dr. discovered that I had “huge” growths on my vocal cords.  They were ulcerated, and I was even unable to speak.  My Doctor said that they must be removed surgically.  He scheduled me for surgery.   I knew of Brenda’s talents.  In a last ditch effort, I went to her for a session.  Two days before the surgery, I went to the surgeon for the pre-op.  He scoped my throat, and was totally amazed… they were gone!  Thank you, Brenda.

Judy Schneider

Arroyo Grande


18.  I was fortunate to discover Brenda about two years ago, and I have been coming to her at least twice a month.  Just about everything in my life has improved since the first day I sat in her waiting room.  That first day I remember thinking, “Why am I here?  This is ridiculous.  What can this possibly help?  My marriage is in serious trouble, I don’t like my job, I’m overweight, and I have lots of health issues.  So of course I’m unhappy.  Who wouldn’t be?  What is this woman supposed to do about all of this?”

Somehow all of the above problems have disappeared.  My marriage of 15 years has never been better.  My job is still challenging and sometimes stressful, but I’ve learned how to communicate with my employer and express myself, thus resolving issues that I used to carry around as resentments.  I have lost 30 pounds reclaiming the body I haven’t seen in 10 years, so most of my health issues have also improved dramatically.  I have a calmness and inner peace that I don’t believe I have ever had.

How has coming to Brenda done all of this?  I can’t really answer that question.  All I can say is that I know with an absolute certainty that my treatment here is the catalyst for the changes in my life.  It has allowed me to seek out and receive answers, listen to others, and listen to myself – whereas, in the past, my ears were shut and I could not hear anyone’s advice or worse my own inner voice speaking.  By listening to the wisdom of others and the wisdom that I have within my own body, I am finding all the answers that I need for my life’s path.

Cheri Hendrickson

San Luis Obispo


19.  I remember sitting in the acupuncturist’s office, and hearing her say, “I cannot help you anymore, but I know where you should go.”  This was after several M.D.’s, six chiropractors, a couple of other acupuncturists, an orthopedic surgeon, some cortisone shots, as well as a supporting cast of dozens of remedies and potions had failed to relieve my constant neck and shoulder pain.  My left shoulder and neck had been, on a day to day/hour to hour basis, reminding me of the fact that something was wrong.  Eight Advils a day, with various doses of opiates would dull the pain but it never went fully away.  I also had long-term chronic psoriasis on my hands.  It had become so bad that I was sleeping with gloves and hiding my hands in public.  My hands hurt so badly that I began to think my working career was about over.  My marriage was also in deep trouble and I was being treated for mental illness.

This was where I was the day I first walked into Brenda’s office and she asked me why I had come to see her.  My answer to her was, “Because you are next.”  Next in the long line of people I have met on the journey to find the life I live now.  Brenda told me I would come to have a new knowing.  That seems to be the case.  Two years later, my life seems to bear little resemblance to the life I dragged into her office.  I do not know how to describe what Brenda does, but I do know that the answers to solve my problems appeared to me over the last two years in a form that I could recognize, and then utilize as a solution in my life.

I shall forever be grateful that Brenda was placed in my life.

Paul Hendrickson
San Luis Obispo

20. I purchased my mare, Apple, many years ago. She had a very sad beginning. Her owner was arrested, and her property seized. At the time of her arrest, there were two helpers working, and a limited amount of hay. Because the Federal Government would not allow a dispersal sale of the horses, they slowly starved.

Apple was the most pathetic weanling I have ever seen. My friend bought her, and fed her back to health. She became a wonderful riding horse. I bought her when she was about 12 years old. Naturally, I gave her every kindness, and fed her well. But, she always had a “chip” on her shoulder. She would snap her teeth at me for no reason, and once actually bit me. I decided to take her to Brenda Keeney for treatment.

I don’t know all that Brenda did. She engaged with her for a while, and then started working with her. Brenda told me that she had to get Apple to a place that they were both ready to work with each other. She said that the work she did was to release some gut issues that Apple had from being starved, and from the trauma. She also said that her and Apple worked together physically and energetically to release the trauma.

After one treatment, Apple never bit me again or even tried to bite me. Following the session, and now, she has remained very calm, and without any apparent resentment or sign of a “chip.” Thanks to Brenda!

Jeanne Beatte
Lompoc, CA

22. In November 2012, after many months of bouts of vomiting, loose stools, feeling “puny,” and some behavioral changes, my 14 month old English Mastiff, Binky, was officially diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, food allergies, and esophagitis. Over the next few months, he was treated with various antibiotics, and a very restrictive diet. There was some improvement then: decreased vomiting, inconsistently firmer stools, and the bonus of a much improved coat. However, he lost over 25 lbs (170 down to 144), and his behavior, and lack of confidence remained unchanged.

In February 2013, Binky started sessions with Brenda, and their “connection,” was almost instant. Although I believe in the power of energy work, and Brenda’s ability as a medical intuitive, I don’t completely understand how it works. What I do know is that Binky is SO excited to see Brenda, and when he looks at her, he just melts into the floor as she begins working with him.

At his first session, Brenda informed me that she felt many of his current allergies and inflammation were secondary and or created by something going on in a specific area of his intestines, and creating great inflammation and distress. After his first session, about 3:00 a.m., he woke up, and vomited a huge piece of the inside of a cushion that he had chewed up after his diagnosis.

Although Binky is currently a work in progress, his appetite has increased, and his bouts of vomiting, loose stools, and feeling “puny” have decreased. He has also gained back a total of about 15 lbs, and there has been some improvement in his behavior/confidence. As with anything, a “cure” is not instant, especially when the body needs to heal, but I believe Brenda has helped Binky reach another level of healing.

G. J.
San Luis Obispo County

23. I started seeing Brenda three years ago for chronic headaches. Since that time, everyone in my family has been to see her, including one of our dogs. She has been instrumental in helping us discover what caused one of our 4 year old twins to change from being agreeable and joyful to aggressive and angry. Had it not been for her intuitive guidance and feel of the body, we would have kept feeding him foods that were causing inflammation and candida. She has guided us in adopting a whole foods allergen free diet, and I have learned more from her about nutrition and healing supplements than any other health practitioner. My son, Oscar, who has an autoimmune disorder, can tell when he needs to see Brenda, and will ask me to take him. Amazing for a four year old to know that his energy is blocked, and he needs Brenda’s help to move it. The sessions are very calming for him, and he often falls asleep while she works or he talks with her as she points out the areas of release. I look forward to his sessions, as they provide me with support, compassion, and a roadmap of how to mother three boys with so many particular health issues. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found Brenda. The work she does is amazing!

My other 4 year old twin regressed from his going to the potty recently. During his session with Brenda she discovered a core chakra issue (stemming around his personal safety), and she worked on that with him. Since that day, he has been fine going to the potty.

I highly recommend Brenda to anyone that has physical, emotional or spiritual problems. Brenda will get to the root of it, and guide you through to a higher level of awareness and healing.

Sarah Allen
Atascadero, CA

1. I’m 78 years old, and in fairly good health. However, I had a few issues I wanted to explore, and I also wanted to improve my physical health, and continue exploring spiritual issues. Prior to my retirement, my career was in the field of mental health, so I am quite familiar with, and have exposed myself to, many different forms of healing. I have seen Brenda Keeney for a few months for approximately 10 sessions, and I have been very pleased with the results I have obtained. I really don’t understand what she does to heal you, all I know is that she talks with me at each session, and that she moves energy in your body that causes beneficial results. What she does works, and I can tell you some of the benefits I received in her sessions.

My father died when I was 6 years old, leaving my mother and 6 children behind. This was very traumatic for the whole family. In the first session I had with her, this issue came up and was discussed. She moved energy that facilitated me to become aware of the grief and despair related to his death. After discharging and expressing the grief and sadness I had inside me, it gave me relief and I felt more freedom from the past, helping me to be more present here and now.

My family has a pattern of wanting to be perfect, looking good and presenting yourself to others with a cool, calm and collected personality. This pattern created all kinds of problems for me, including anxiety, sleep disturbances and discomfort in social relations. After a couple of sessions the pattern’s influence on me diminished significantly allowing me to be my natural self which is much more relaxed and pleasant.

After my prostate gland was removed surgically because of cancer, I developed an overactive bladder, with a need to go to the bathroom every 2 hours or so. In one session she eliminated this problem, and now I can hold urine as long as 6 hours which helps me to sleep better and deeper. Throughout my life I have had sleep disturbances off and on. Since I have seen Brenda my sleep has been better than ever. I’m grateful as there is nothing better than a good night sleep.

At age 45 I started having an acid reflux problem which became worse as I became older. Natural cures, antacid pills and other remedies were not working. In one session after I expressed grief and sadness about growing up alone with little or no support from parents or other adults the acid reflux has not returned. This is a miracle.

The best thing that has happened is that love has come into my life. My wife and I have become closer, expressing love toward each other in ways that we were never able to before, and committing to treat each other with kindness and respect.

I am thankful to Brenda Keeney because she has been given the gift of healing and she uses it to heal others. You get the results right away and the process is simple and easy for the client. You discuss with her what is going on in your life, what has happened since your last session and you lay down on a massage table and just relax, be present or even fall asleep, and the miracles happen. I recommend her to anyone that wants healing of the whole body. She works with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues.

Joseph Staling
San Luis Obispo County