Holistic Healing

Holistic Healing involves the understanding and the ability to see that ALL aspects of an individual, and their life, affect their current state of balance or imbalance.  All parts of an individual, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, are taken into consideration in their healing process.  Holistic healing is not intended to treat just the symptom or physical manifestation, and move on.  It is about finding wholeness, and well-being.  It can ultimately be a journey into self-discovery, resulting in finding oneself, and living a better, and healthier life, in a more present and conscious state.

Although, often, it is the physical manifestation of illness or dis-ease that prompts the search for healing, holistic healing is the understanding that the symptom may or may not have a point of origin in the physical.  What primarily distinguishes holistic healing apart from alternative, complementary and integrative medicine is that physical health may not always be the main focus in the process.  That being said, it is often experiencing physical discomfort or pain that will direct a person to pursue holistic health.

Holistic or “Wholistic” healing is beyond finding and maintaining wellness.  It also involves seeking the tools and direction that open us up to moving beyond our personal blocks and/or obstacles, and finding one’s personal power, wellness and wholeness.

As a Holistic Practitioner, I will work with your symptom or symptoms (whether pain, discomfort, etc.) but will recognize it to be an imbalance.  The imbalance could be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.  I will look at the whole of you, to recognize how these imbalances are presenting themselves in your body, as well as in your your life.  We will take this journey toward wellness and wholeness together, each step with the conscious awareness that you are that much closer to reaching your true and healthy self.


Brenda Keeney

The Healing Works