I started seeing Brenda three years ago for chronic headaches. Since that time, everyone in my family has been to see her, including one of our dogs. She has been instrumental in helping us discover what caused one of our 4 year old twins to change from being agreeable and joyful to aggressive and angry. Had it not been for her intuitive guidance and feel of the body, we would have kept feeding him foods that were causing inflammation and candida. She has guided us in adopting a whole foods allergen free diet, and I have learned more from her about nutrition and healing supplements than any other health practitioner. My son, Oscar, who has an autoimmune disorder, can tell when he needs to see Brenda, and will ask me to take him. Amazing for a four year old to know that his energy is blocked, and he needs Brenda’s help to move it. The sessions are very calming for him, and he often falls asleep while she works or he talks with her as she points out the areas of release. I look forward to his sessions, as they provide me with support, compassion, and a roadmap of how to mother three boys with so many particular health issues. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found Brenda. The work she does is amazing!

My other 4 year old twin regressed from his going to the potty recently. During his session with Brenda she discovered a core chakra issue (stemming around his personal safety), and she worked on that with him. Since that day, he has been fine going to the potty.

I highly recommend Brenda to anyone that has physical, emotional or spiritual problems. Brenda will get to the root of it, and guide you through to a higher level of awareness and healing.

Sarah Allen
Atascadero, CA