1. I purchased my mare, Apple, many years ago. She had a very sad beginning. Her owner was arrested, and her property seized. At the time of her arrest, there were two helpers working, and a limited amount of hay. Because the Federal Government would not allow a dispersal sale of the horses, they slowly starved.

Apple was the most pathetic weanling I have ever seen. My friend bought her, and fed her back to health. She became a wonderful riding horse. I bought her when she was about 12 years old. Naturally, I gave her every kindness, and fed her well. But, she always had a “chip” on her shoulder. She would snap her teeth at me for no reason, and once actually bit me. I decided to take her to Brenda Keeney for treatment.

I don’t know all that Brenda did. She engaged with her for a while, and then started working with her. Brenda told me that she had to get Apple to a place that they were both ready to work with each other. She said that the work she did was to release some gut issues that Apple had from being starved, and from the trauma. She also said that her and Apple worked together physically and energetically to release the trauma.

After one treatment, Apple never bit me again or even tried to bite me. Following the session, and now, she has remained very calm, and without any apparent resentment or sign of a “chip.” Thanks to Brenda!

Jeanne Beatte
Lompoc, CA

2. In November 2012, after many months of bouts of vomiting, loose stools, feeling “puny,” and some behavioral changes, my 14 month old English Mastiff, Binky, was officially diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, food allergies, and esophagitis. Over the next few months, he was treated with various antibiotics, and a very restrictive diet. There was some improvement then: decreased vomiting, inconsistently firmer stools, and the bonus of a much improved coat. However, he lost over 25 lbs (170 down to 144), and his behavior, and lack of confidence remained unchanged.

In February 2013, Binky started sessions with Brenda, and their “connection,” was almost instant. Although I believe in the power of energy work, and Brenda’s ability as a medical intuitive, I don’t completely understand how it works. What I do know is that Binky is SO excited to see Brenda, and when he looks at her, he just melts into the floor as she begins working with him.

At his first session, Brenda informed me that she felt many of his current allergies and inflammation were secondary and or created by something going on in a specific area of his intestines, and creating great inflammation and distress. After his first session, about 3:00 a.m., he woke up, and vomited a huge piece of the inside of a cushion that he had chewed up after his diagnosis.

Although Binky is currently a work in progress, his appetite has increased, and his bouts of vomiting, loose stools, and feeling “puny” have decreased. He has also gained back a total of about 15 lbs, and there has been some improvement in his behavior/confidence. As with anything, a “cure” is not instant, especially when the body needs to heal, but I believe Brenda has helped Binky reach another level of healing.

G. J.
San Luis Obispo County