Hi! This is the part that I get to let you know a little about myself. The one thing that is apparent in my work, and you will understand should you meet me, is that I am living my purpose. This is not my job, it is who I am, and for my client’s it is not just work, it is life transformation. My views are holistic, and my connection with the client embodies this understanding. We take this journey together.

I am a mother of two grown children, and one soon to be 12 year old. Recently, we took on an addition to our family, a rescue terrier named Jack. Actually, Jack decided to take us on… We are grateful! Although my practice has always been in the Five Cities Area of the Central Coast of California, my home is in Santa Maria, CA. I was born and raised back East, but was brought to this beautiful area from the Central Valley, while embarking on my own healing journey, many years ago.

I have a Native American heritage that did not fully surface until I was taken on a personal journey into shamanism, consciousness, and awareness of my life’s work, following a diagnosis of Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), approximately 20 years ago. My recovery, and the journey, was absolutely a part of my education, and helped to develop in me the understandings that I have, and live, today.

If you viewed my education and careers, you saw that what I do now seems to be quite different than what I did in the past. If you look closely, however, you may see that this is not necessarily the case. It was all essential to bringing me to where I am today. Throughout my life, my work has always been about development of the individual and/or development of the situation. It has been about either putting the pieces together or clearing the clutter, so to speak, in order to see the “big picture.” This gift brought with it the ability to trace things back to their point of origin. An attorney I once worked with referred to it as an “innate ability to birddog any situation.” From that innate ability, and from my own spiritual experience, developed something quite remarkable, and it is what I bring to my life, and to my practice today.

I hope that I soon get the opportunity to meet with you personally, and will look forward to this. May you have joy and good health throughout your life!